Yo is a cheerful, simple and innocent girl who was born in a tranquil country town in Japan. She has led a lonely life because her parents never loved her and she was bullied at school. Being hospitalized, she meets Yayoi, a nurse, whom she has a crush on. But Yayoi disappears right after Yo leaves the hospital.

A year later, an unexpected reunion awaits them; Yo comes across Yayoi prostituting herself in a parked car on a dark, deserted road. She looks completely different from who she was as a quiet nurse. Though Yo’s feelings for her grow even stronger, Yayoi rejects them.

However, Yo getting assaulted by her mom’s lover gradually changes the relationship between the two women. Eventually, they spend a summer together at Yayoi’s place. But Yo’s desperate attempts cannot prevent Yayoi from constantly selling her body and becoming more and more fallen apart. In the end, Yo too prostitutes herself to a strange man so as to know how Yayoi feels.

After all, they cannot truly understand each other. Still, Yo continues chasing her. No matter how many times she gets turned away, she stays by Yayoi’s side. Can she fill the emptiness in Yayoi’s heart?