A message from director

When I was a child, I got injured and hospitalized. There was a nurse I like so much in the hospital. When she and I were alone, I told her ”I like you more than any other nurse here”.

After moment’s silence, she said with tears. “ I’ve made you cry when I collected your blood, and yet do you say “I like” for me?”. Seeing her tears, I felt my heart was astir. A curtain surrounding us as if it separates two of us from the world was moved by wind through the window.

Around 10 years later, I was in Tokyo and watched a film. The film reminded me of loneliness, then I talked about it with my precious friend. I awake that she is precious but I can’t fill her loneliness and also mine can’t be filled by her.

Nobody could fill this invisible hole and distance. We once came into the lives of each other but will never interact with…. It’s so heartrending, but I love it hopelessly.

I’ve decided making a film mixed with a slight feeling of love like I wrote in the beginning and the love I felt around ten years later, the love to all things around me. This is the film I must make now.

Aya Igashi