Shu Hagiwara (as a cinematographer)

A freelance cinematographer. He studied mainly film at Osaka University of Arts and graduated in 2014. Then he entered into several commercial and indie films, ”The Light Shines Only There“,”La La La at Rock Bottom” .

Executive Producer

Yoshihiro Matsuzaka (as an executive producer)

A president of Hiki Film commission(NPO). A member of the prefectural assembly in Saitama. From 1989, he founded Matsuzaka Industrial Company and managed as CEO till 1999.


Mio Sugawara(as a producer)

She was a president of Tokyo Student Film Festival in 2015. In this festival, she aligned with a famous video rental shop and succeeded invitation of a film nominated by Cannes Film Festival (Cinefondation)

Associate Producer

Ken Natsuhara(as an associate  producer)

Ken Natsuhara was born in Osaka, Japan and raised in California,USA.  A former Director of DigitalDistribution at NBC Universal and Co-Founder and COO at NIUSIA Co., Ltd inTokyo.Natsuhara’s first produced short film, “Mō Ikkai”, won the Grand Prix aswell as the Japan Competition Best Short (Governor of Tokyo Award) and theAudience awards at 2012 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, and his secondshort film production, “Oh Lucy!”, directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi, won 2nd placeat 2014 Cannes Film Festival (Cinéfondation),an honorable mention at 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, the BestInternational Short Film at the Academy accredited Flickerfest in 2015, and theShort Film Jury Award: International Fiction at Sundance Film Festival 2015.