Yo Adachi : Miku Komatsu

Miku Komatsu (born January 10, 2003) is an actress from Kanagawa. With some experiences of playing theatrical performances in her childhood, since 2014, she begins to appear on stages and short films. Aya Igashi, the director of “A Crimson Star”, decided to cast her after having watched a student film which Miku had taken part in. It will be her debut of feature film.

Yayoi Tsukura : Yuki Sakurai

Yuki Sakurai is an actress with fresh presence and passionate acting. She recently has been getting public attention by cast on some films of famous Japanese directors such as Takashi Miike(“Audition”, “As the Gods Will” and ”Yakuza Apocalypse”) and Shion Sono(“Love Exposure”, ”Cold Fish” and “Himizu”). In 2015, she appeared Japanese suspense action film “Tag” directed by Shion Sono, which won the best film award at Fantasia Film Festival in 2015. A new film starring her is going to be released soon.